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  1. Looking for partner (2DS Shops, Manually input of cards)

    Iam ready to card your shop, after you escrow here
  2. How to Intercept SMS/Text Message Send to Phone

    do you have the target phone access? or if you know the phn number try sim swap
  3. Cheap hw writer for chip cards

    Hardware??? the simplest one is OMNIKEY 3121 available everywhere.

    If you are deposit escrow, i can card your shop ad get screenshots.
  5. Jackpotting ATM

    Jackpotting isint a noobie's walk. Needs expertise
  6. Do they sell tracks with PIN or just tracks?
  7. Sell EMV Reader & Writer Software v8.6

    So another EMV software. okay here is the deal, i will send you a dump, you will write it in a chip card. later you will use that card on a pos. if that card works then you got many deals from me. PM me if you really have what you mentioned here.
  8. *.Ist extract

    so are you able to write emv cards now?

    Hello, Anyone here got access to atm router skimmer. which works on the network cable of the atm. Big money to be made as i got access to atms where the network cable socked is well exposed and the atms are unmanned. Iam not going to buy from you, so scammers and rippers OUT. Those who cant understand what atm router is, get to know it yourself before replying here...
  10. Sell EMV reader writer software

    Come on man, its 2019 and no one believes EMV softwares anymore. Looks like you got scammed paying for it and now you are trying to bait and wait for a bite lol...
  11. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    BlackMass, have you got inserts for NCR atms? if so whats the price?
  12. Region lock

    You need to ask the people in networks to know the working BIN in your area. But by the time you come to know the working bin that bin might get huge issues by fraudulent transaction and get blocked. The first one to find the working bin will make the most out of that bin.
  13. Cashout 201 Asian DUMPS no PIN +PIN

    Can you cashout 201 dumps withOUT PIN? how long to send my cut?