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  1. Westernunion Parthern

    Hey am willing to do some parthnership woth Westernunion The offer is simple put $200 on garantee o on escrow (revent rip) Send me you Telegram
  2. bin 440066 useful?

    For moneygram it works great
  3. where is mario777

    we are still looking no news
  4. ripper pm me

    ripper banned him lplease
  5. where is mario777

    Ripper am mario friends and drdumps is retired
  6. where is mario777

    this help alot thanks
  7. where is mario777

    still looking dont worry
  8. where is mario777

    Hellow am sorry that you didnt get good card but for me all worked if i get decline i will get valid on checker sorry for you bad expirience but if he apears again i will contact you for show you proof
  9. where is mario777

    am looking for him in the forum but seem not here what happen
  10. 2019 Method

    ripper dont use this