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  1. What am I doing wrong?

    Yeah, I've been trying to card a cheap phone just for that reason. I've managed to get as far as a phone shipping and the mailman refusing to deliver it to my drop (ups delivers fine). I've yet to find bins where SSN/DOB is enough to call in. It's enough to check balance and get on the automated system but the people answering the phone always hit me with some secondary questions like drivers license, mother's maiden name, or even more common is they insist on TFA. Thanks for a legit answer though. Добавлено через 8 минут 21 секунду Also holy shit why do all proxy services suck so much now. Tisocks went from like 2k servers 2 weeks ago to
  2. What am I doing wrong?

    Yeah I'm not using edge I was just using the free windows 10 VM that MS provides to test edge.
  3. What am I doing wrong?

    So my set up is like this: vpn to a no log service run vmware with the free windows 10 edge browser trial 2nd vpn in vmware because whynot proxifier to a socks5 from either tisocks or vip72 that tests completely clean (hard as shit to find clean 100% clean ones) in the same state and sometimes even the same city as the cardholder run ccleaner set up email with mail.com or outlook.com or protonmail in the format fname.lastname@mail.com attempt to make a $50-80 purchase from bestbuy.com or walmart.com for a prepaid cell phone (target goal) then card is declined card is dead Am I missing something here? I can buy online subscriptions just fine but retail stores will not ship. Address is definitely good and I've even tried just getting the phone to ship to the billing address with no luck. I am using fullz and will call in to check the balance so these cards are good. I haven't managed to get a single phone to ship for even $30 and have killed more then 10 cards with this. Anyone who gives me advice that gets a phone to ship gets a valid platinum card # as a tip. Thanks
  4. delete

    Lots of things.
  5. How to card? -(Mostly common for all site)

    RDP is fine but CCleaner is shit and you will waste your $.
  6. Starbucks eGift or reload

    Their gift cards are tight for me too lately. Also the problem with starbucks is they are very fast to 0 out a giftcard as soon as the chargeback hits. I've bought a number of them that died faster then I could sell them.
  7. Carding Tutorial By MuFl3h

    dial up ISPs and aol CDs? This guide is probably older then half the people on this forum.