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  1. I was just exposing the toxic troll who post dick picks and negative reps new members (he does it to multiple people,if you even bothered to click his name and see how he negative reps everyone called them dickheads) who are asking questions in the beginner forum.. why doesn't he go fuck off to some RAT infested bar in Bulgaria and get a regular job if he has nothing to input into the conversation. I find it funny you defend a guy like this, who frequents a forum that you claim to enjoy. Good luck with this forum when brand new users get neg repped, called dumb and shown dick pic, when they are a basic question. Fact is, Mailor Daemon makes no cash, that is why he has time to post bullshit and attract attention. Infact I am almost sure I make more money than him with this,and I am new to it, but not new to hacking Tell me, what smart criminal makes enemies of hackers and others? He wants to make enemies with random people who he doesn't know, sounds very dumb to me. He neg repped me in an instant, is my point.. i didn't call him 1 word.. but that is who he is. A rat little ripper that needs to get botted everytime he makes threads. Instead he makes enemies of brand new , new faces, that he doesnt know of .. (a sign of low intellect) 50 x 1 star ratings on all of his threads on any forum with his similar or related usernames, and each thread can have multiple users calling him a ripper, a bullshit artist, and a scammer.. then we can all operate with his level of respect and give him the treatment he gives to others!
  2. You post pictures of ANOTHER MANS PENIS in a fraud forum. You sir are GAY, posting pictures of another man which means you went to browse for pictures of other mens cocks = gay RIPPER. You are a ripper and a scammer, and you will be exposed for the toxic piece of filth that you are
  3. I'm not a wannabe rat, never! I just stated that I hope he has good Opsec, after all, hes already give me a -1 and give me bad reputation off the bat within my first 2 posts, and for what, what did i do wrong? I asked a basic question in the beginners forum and now my account negative rep.. for asking a fricking question in the beginner forum. Now i appear untrustworthy from the get go.. so I will be what he wants me to be, untrustworthy. All i say is, I hope he has good Opsec, as the police may find out about him He wants to screw up my account, so sometimes what happens is, the same happens back, I do enjoy putting my hacking skills to use, and maybe I can help him tighten up his Opsec!
  4. I appreciate your reply, but to be honest, your post was so negative its stupid. Why would you assume i get scammed every step of the way? Only an idiot does that. I was asking how much someone can make from say $50 from the point of view that they are not a complete idiot. I have only ever once lost $10 by being 'ripped' and that was a gamble i took, the rest has been thousands of profit.. no reason for you guys to be so negative and assume that everyone is an idiot and gets scammed every step of the way. And to the guy posting a picture of his dick or whatever (mailor daemon), hes a toxic cunt, adds absolutely zero value to the forum, cannot spell properly, and is just posting pure bullshit under the guise that he is some 'expert' and chooses to negative rep new members to the forum when they are simply replying to his SHITTY attitude. One of my very first posts after he already talks shit to me in two posts that negative reps me saying 'stupid faggit'.. it seems like this forum is fucking terrible at communication and needs some basic mods. In other fraud places where I've had discussion, people actually do try and help/discuss things, not just post absolute bullshit, negative rep someone, then post a picture of his little dick. in 3 days on this forum, each and every one of Mailor-daemons posts is just him being negative or replying with some shitty 1 liner to someone. He never actually helps or shares anything of value. Добавлено через 15 минут 10 секунд I've Just seen that you negative repped me too as a new member. I hope your OpSec is good. If i find out 1 old piece of info about you and reveal anything about you online, its going straight to the fraud police from different countries
  5. Hmm, I am sensing that you guys do not know many guys that succeed in this world if you cannot give basic average numbers. Thanks for your feedback, you must know some idiots at Opsec Добавлено через 1 минуту 30 секунд It is called gauging expectations, if you are a smart carder then you will most likely make a baseline minimum USD $$$ amount based off of barely any monetary investment, I was just trying to guage what is possible. In any other business on the planet that I've taken part in, it is perfectly normal to ask such questions and you get answers based on the 'average/high skill level'. Don't believe me? Go do other business that isn't fraud lol. I am curious how much you make Mailer Daemon? Or do you rely on forum traffic? (You do right, shit sorry, I gave up your gig. )
  6. The irony of your comment Haha! What is wrong with asking a question about some information that is very rarely shared? It is just nice to hear of peoples actual real earnings. I am curious to hear from the real money makers, not the pidgeon feed my friend. SH.
  7. I am interested to hear your guys thoughts, I have no idea about the margins and what is common. SH,
  8. Need mentor on extracting money out of bank logs

    And you are a RIPPER and you are GAY posting pictures of mens penis on a fraud forum, you also do not help anyone, only give negative rep.
  9. Need mentor on extracting money out of bank logs

    Hello, I am looking for a mentor that can share some accurate up to date info on bank logs and successfully extracting cash out of different bank accounts. I have been successful in just about all things I've tried online, however when it comes to some info on fraud, alot of it is hidden behind rippers or members keeping info to themselves. if you wish to work with someone and you can pay it forward and you actively make money online with these accounts, help me and I can help you, think long term. I will be happy to give % of my initial accounts based on the successful info you provide. I will not pay a ripper for his stupid out of date guide. I can promise you that you will get some decent return for your time if you are knowledgable and know how to make money with bank logs in 2018. Hit me up, give me a shot. SH.