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  1. nub questions from a lil nub

    There has to be a better way to cash out other than low value 201 @ POS. Ive been at this for a hot one(dumps) rarely have I asked for help, and super rarely received it. Ive spent so much money trying to teach myself, and learned alot. But not enough. Is there any admin or verified vendor that offers profitable guidance? Добавлено через 1 минуту 54 секунды is the dump checker on crebbs potentially harmful to a valid card?
  2. I need USA Cashier

    I'm in southern california, currently looking for a job. Can you guys guide me in my search for employment? Where should I seek employment where it would be most beneficial for folks on your end, and most profitable for myself with minimal exposure.
  3. Online carding has humbled me.

    Woldpack, thank you for taking the time to put all this is perspective and for explaining it in laymans. I got into this mostly for free shit and to make a buck or two, and its so addicting it already consumes way too much of my time. Ive decided online carding just isn't for me. I don't have the time or patients to put into it. Although I have to say I'm a little upset that everyone seems to say the same "carding just isn't what it used to be." I guess I missed the boat. Thank you everyone for your input.
  4. Online carding has humbled me.

    I'm not firmiliar with jabber. I googled it but there seem to be a few different programs that all look similar. and thank you for your offer. Id like to take you up on that. Nevermind Im in the process of downloading it. Ill contact you shortly. Добавлено через 18 минут 54 секунды Douthat, Is it possible to communicate through a differnt platform other than jabber. ICQ, or I have teamspeak, ventrilo, and mumble if you are available for voice comms. That would be easiest for me. jabber is much too confusing especially from my laptop.
  5. Online carding has humbled me.

    First off, I'm completely self taught with almost no help whatsoever. For my standards I'd say I've done fairly well with dumps and real carding. I started about 7-8 months ago, with a total investment of about $600 during the first 3 month learning curve. Now, I can make that in a week, and ive done so a handful of times. However it's alot of work. My goal was always to move to online. Keep in mind, I know my way around a pc, but lets just say I wont be landing any tech support gigs any time soon. I'm going to make an honest attempt at online carding and I'd appreciate it if you guys could tell me whether im on the right track, or point out my mistakes. TO THE POINT: I'm under the impression, to card online cvv successfully. (egift cards) I need the following: VPN (currently using Nord) socks5 (vip72) mozilla firefox (and obviously a valid cvv+necessary info) Questions: 1. Is a virtual terminal absolutely necessary? 2. when using socks, is proxifier necessary, or recommended? 3. Is there a verified service I can find in this forum where I can hire someone to guide me through the process? Anyone who has taken the time to read all of this, I cant thank you enough. Any advice or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. feel free to PM EDIT: anyone who can offer me some decent advice or show genuine interest in showing some guidance will get a free cvv. I just used it for a small transaction so it is guaranteed valid as long as you act somewhat fast. like I said I currently do 99.9% dumps so I have no use for it after the small transaction I just used it for. (517805)
  6. msr605x Probz

    Dude go to brians club. They have a free t1 generator. easy and works great. Добавлено через 1 минуту 51 секунду you can, but I once had a card decline with no t1, then I generated one, added it and it went through. Ever since I never leave it blank. That being said, Ive had plenty of success leaving it blank.