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  1. im newbie. help me please

    carding have some inportant things 1.proxy. you can choice good and clearn socks, or RDP mothod; 2.clearn the cookies; 3.keep manually enter; 4.you'd better change your MAC address; 5.change your sysytem timezone, keep it same as CC info. When I carding from some bigger websites, these are important. If all is well, try different way else. VIP72 have some dirty socks,check is necessary. 911 is well. many cardable website is not work soon. keep update them. or find the right way to build a channel through a larger site.
  2. Chinese carders, converge here!

  3. what's your recommended cc shop

    I have a supplier, he use spam sorting himself. it have new ccs everyday. Support to replace invalid account, no resale. A guy of principle and integrity, I don't need cc now, but I hope to some agency fees, only course I need many money now.
  4. A carding course from China

    And you chinese?
  5. laundering your money

    Your question isn't need a safe mode to protect your money, Infact you need to let your money became clearning. so it's what we do best. If you care about this,PM me or ICQ.
  6. This is not a physical transaction with inventory, which means I need to prepay for the funds.So I don't want to accept hosting, especially if I'm not sure the hosting side is trustworthy.
  7. Biggest gift to beginner today (4/25/2019) Double your BTC in 2 hours! You pay me btc, and I pay back btc double amount to your BTC wallet in 2 hours. Today's gift (4/25/2019) is valid for 5 buyers only, you can PM me via ICQ. You pay $50 you get $100 You pay $100 you get $200 You pay $200 you get $400 The bitcoin you pay for will enter our Trading Bots and run on the global market. The minimum amount required for our Trading Bots to complete it's task in search and find funds is $50 and higher. Anything lower than this amount will NOT accept so do not attempt it as you will not be refunded. It's not the source of the cryptocurrency, so you must pay for the funds in your task. Trading Bots need trade fee and more money to keep running. Be sure to include a higher than normal fee as this ensures your bitcoins are readily available to the Trading Bots, even if the transaction is not yet confirmed by the bitcoin blockchain. A lower than normal fee may cause a delay in your bitcoins being available to the Trading Bots, causing this step to take much longer, and is not recommended.
  8. Make tool checker.

    I need few really hacher to get the databases from appointed website. interested about you

    care about it, want to know more