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  1. Buy Disney Gift - 40% of the amount.

    ADD you on jabb, yourside@jabb when ready conntact back for fruther speak about your deal..
  2. Socks5/Vpn

    VPN is nothing for carding no good at all as all sites now can easly figure that you are using a VPN it mostly protect your PC to not be open but will not be useful at all for carding .. For carding you should use VPS / RDP SOCKS ( VIP72 perfbly ) ccleaner If you just start with it and dont have much $ to invest to buy fixer's etc..
  3. i have 2 GB PostgreSQL database, need help

    We can fix it for you just leave me your conntact as your PM doesnt work..
  4. Gmail sentry mba

    the thing you want to do is BRUTE , tou need WORD password list to add in base , and then group your targeted emails with it , and brute the mix , but still you can find problem because of authorize gmails has with SMS confirmationt's
  5. im newbie. help me please

    Vip72 is still pretty fine for carding , just in last time they having toruble with alot isntant blacklisted socks so always check are socks clean Make sure the card adress and ZIP matches in most time people dont check areas and card got listed And if you new to carding that site make sure you try difrent methods
  6. Not for Children only for pros

    Frist note wich country bin you want UK , US , CA etc.. But just BIN cant always mean it has alot of balance This one usualy can be good 463576 , and also master cards bins that start with 5460( usualy paltinum US NON VBV pretty good balance cards but not easy to find..
  7. Very Stupid Question

    Well , HAVIJ and carding have nothing , as havij is SQL injection tool , you probly have miss writed it , you need a hackin toool , you can try using SQL dumper / SQL mapp if know do into the CMD with python etc for setup , but easier way to start with SQL dumper , and then move to SQL map etc.. , but when workin with SQL dumper / SQL MAP / HAVIJ , make sure that you know how to work with droks if you not good with droks then frist do study on writing the droks and how to write em
  8. New Carder questions

    Lol do not agree , it is never to late to learn this game..
  9. I need Balance Checker

    Do not try check your normal CVV , unless it is fullz cc so you can check via PHONE , if you check balance on online chekers it usualy gonna kill your card / blacklist it..
  10. Whats Better?

    tr2check in my opniion as their gates somehow manage to always be clean , about luxchecker didnt need to test as try2check is pretty clean and in my opinion still one the best outside..
  11. Online carding has humbled me.

    Well frist , this days to card E-gift cards is not that easy as it used to be lets say back to 2011 - 2012 - 2013 etc.. like from what you have write no one cant help alot frist , you didnt write specificly with e-gift cards you want to write , but alot of NEWB's using to try and try to card walmart / amazon the sites that is currently most hard to card , frist you need to find new sites and get effectily what you want to do like make a plan and do other small sites like , e gifts for spotrt shops or e gift for movies etc , if you want to card major sites you will have to improve your self alot and to spare alot of time to find a way as in 2019 it is pretty hard to be done , but there other ways like i said you that you need to think about and get started , also in your post when you write note that what you trying to card and to get help off , also avoid to pay someone for help on any forum as it mostly gona be a scam , so i will guide you trough some steps but you need to find your own way how you gonna be suces into it , frist you need RDP / VPS , use clean VIP72 socks check them are they blacklisted or not thats most importnat , clean your cookies always with CC cleaner , keep in mind that CC must be live and to have adress right ( it usualy can be noticed by ZIP area ) , avoid to card amazon , walmart , target e-gift cards / itunes etc , try with smaller sites and find your way into this world..
  12. I need to find a method

    Rapha , read the form theard into this section , you will see many usefull posts with SQL dumper / droks , with fake page you mean pshi / fishing / spamming you need to put a realy decent amount of time into study all those to get in right way ..
  13. what's your recommended cc shop

    Best advice i can say you from my personal view , is to try find the vendor that selling and try avoid the sites as alot of resellers and cards goin hand to hand pretty hard this days to find decents sites to get waht you want to not waste ton of time after try and try..
  14. usa bins for non usa merch

    That is because of their site merchant policy , but there is 2 types can you maybe pust a screen shot of the full say , might have solution
  15. Looking for CC AutoShop/Vendor Scripts or etc

    Best way possible is to HIRE coder to do one for you from scrach , mostly ones you gonna find for free or cheap , are backdored non updated easy to be vulnerable / exploit , and you will lose alot of time with it ..