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  1. Searching Baltic States bins

    And they don’t block fallback transaction?
  2. Searching Baltic States bins

    first of all, swedish dumps are bajskorv, region lock activated by cardholder, many auto decline mag without pin...
  3. please help me..... please

    Are you kidding me? We in a carding/fraud forum here
  4. You also have to take in consideration what are you hiding from? Are you a buyer, seller, big seller, hacker, or are you a terrorist or spy? Добавлено через 45 секунд If you are one of the last then maybe nothing will be safe enough if they really make effort on you
  5. I need 442062 dump bin,As much as possible

    Thanks for free bin to add to my list dummy
  6. Looking for Chinese dump +pin

    Go to China and skim them, you will never find here
  7. Single mom needs help starting out

    Dumb slut, that was not me who posted the pic
  8. Single mom needs help starting out

    I’m not going to give you another black baby don’t worry!
  9. Single mom needs help starting out

    But she was married to a white man, until the baby came out!
  10. Single mom needs help starting out

    i raise my offer now 20$
  11. Single mom needs help starting out

    I give you 10$ to swallow my seed
  12. You want to start the carding game?

    Nice write up for once
  13. looking for cvv canadiene bin

    Hey monsieur poutine
  14. Region lock

    Is no such thing