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  1. Заливы сегодня получили на 12 карт, собрались с друзьями, все организовали за 40 минут, все остались при бабле и счастливы, еще обратимся
  2. Ticketmaster carder needed

    I can do this for you but you'll need to do better than 15% before I work with you. If you're willing to do that, PM me on here. I'm not messaging your ICQ
  3. What am I doing wrong?

    Your setup sucks and is overcomplicated. Get rid of the 2nd VPN, make sure your time zone matches that of the billing address, don't use VIP72 socks because they suck, don't use mail.com and especially protonmail for your email as they will be more scrutinized-use something like gmail instead. In proxifier make sure you have 'enable resolution through proxy' enabled so you use the proxy's DNS server.
  4. how can i card westernunion and i tune giftcards

    sure while we're at it just give me your btc address and i'll send $50,000 for free
  5. how can i find balance of CC

    Don't buy CC with a known balance as that is for retards. Are you a retard, OP? If you're not, then don't buy known balance cards. They're overpriced for no other reason than to rip you off. As JamesBond said above it is better to just call the bank's automated hotline and you'll get plenty of information. Some banks will require the last 4 of SSN. With some you can get around that by simply spoofing the cardholders phone number. Their system will recognize it and will require less information. Do some experimenting and you'll figure it out.
  6. verifiedcarder - scam ?

    take it easy on him bro. he needed some money for his wifes boyfriend
  7. mobile carding

    unless you're carding from an app then the website cannot read your IMEI number. and nah i dont use socks
  8. mobile carding

    i mostly card on mobile and tbh i dont think there is any way of knowing if a drop is hot. yours sounds like it might be though. try a different one and see what happens
  9. mobile carding

    idk. are you using the same drop address? another possibility is the bank is just declining your orders because maybe the amounts you are charging do not match what the CH usually charges. maybe you got unlucky and the CH has alerts set up to go off each time the card is used. it happens
  10. mobile carding

    the bank is probably declining your payment, or the shops you're trying to card do not ship to anything other than billing address. you should card a different shop or call the bank and get your drop added to their file
  11. mobile carding

    whats your setup?
  12. How do carders do it?

    What kind of setups are you doing with over 4k lost?
  13. cardable 2018 sites

    You're not making any money from your straw hut, Mufasa. Stop lying to the forum
  14. cardable 2018 sites

    i don't have to worry about that because you'll always be nigerian thus always poor
  15. cardable 2018 sites

    bro stop PMing me asking for sites. i was being sarcastic. i dont have a big heart and hate beggars. if you want a easy shop to card for gift cards you will have to pay me $5,000. you dont have $5,000 though so please go and find some spare computer parts you can sell in whatever nigerian village you live in. then come back