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  1. ICQ compromised Again! please help! :(

    what is the alternative???? and i did get any idea about jabber ? what you people are using nowadays to cover and to not cause your icq to be suspended / compromised and to cover urself from Spam specially that jabber.ru is getting a lot of spam nowadays ? is jabber.ru not good or what?
  2. ICQ compromised Again! please help! :(

    this is the second time i loose my icq : > On 18 December 2017 at 18:29, ICQ Support <support@icq.com> wrote: > > Hello, > > Access to your account will not be restored. > > You have broken one of the points of the License Agreement: > > "to connect, use, attempt to connect or use in any way the ICQ Services for > > any commercial purpose or any purpose other than private, personal use and > > in good faith as is clearly suggested on the internet page of ICQ;" > > > > On the License Agreement ICQ service you can read here > > http://www.icq.com/legal/eula/en > > Best Regards, > > The ICQ Team > > > > When answering, please cite all correspondence. too many people using icq, and now i can not restore it again as support say in any way, what is the mean i should use? jabber.ru ? or what is the safest and not reported way to communicate with people? my icq always get compromised! though major people are still using ICQ and i hear that jabber.ru maybe or all jabber accounts are getting spammy adds. too much frequent adds from spam sources, how about it?
  3. Offshore domain provider?

    Anyone knows any offshore domain name provider that ignores dcma complaints and not registered to icann? I need reliable one and trusted and cheap also that ignore any kind of reports
  4. Non-EMV Countries

    i think you are selfish and dumb by posting this... anyone can write , do you think banks are watching ?! lol wtf?!
  5. big shops doesn't call or do anything
  6. X2 EMV upgrade software

    fake as fuck do not be trapped guys this shit doesn't work
  7. need malware get dump from POS

    what's wrong fuckfuck u need pos malware? i have i sell i can show you it live. is that what u want?
  8. AlphaBay Taken Down by Law Enforcement Across 3 Countries

    when it comes to suicide, cops are involved
  9. Bitcoin no longer suitable for payments

    damn too much stupids posting here, except the admin ofcourse
  10. illuminated - icq 697425496

    i know illuminated from so long as ripper, i swear last time i logged in here i wanted to warn people , but i do not have prove, and regulations here works opposite of what a member believes or know, so now i think things would be clear enough.